BTC wallet fees

Please mind that the fee will be deducted first regardless of the amount being processed. Be cautious while transferring smaller amounts.
Also BTC wallet fees does not apply to trading operations. Trading is free (more info).

  • BTC deposit is FREE.
  • BTC withdrawal fee is 0.005 BTC or 0.25% - whichever is higher [updated on 2018-09-28].


  • 10 BTC deposit will be completely free of charge.
  • 0.1 BTC withdrawal will be charged 0.005 BTC.


Your wallet's balance should be enough to cover the withdrawal fee. In case you would like to withdraw all BTC from your wallet the system will remind you of the withdrawal fee and will give you a hint on what sum could actually be sent to cover the fee.

Eg.: 0.007 BTC (balance) - 0.005 BTC (withdrawal fee) = 0.002 BTC (received amount). The balance will be 0 after this transaction  is approved.