We introduced BTC Taker/Maker fee system. Market makers don't pay any fees and market Takers pay a low 0.1% fee. 

All other trading pairs of ETH, BCH and XRP are FREE to trade!

Whatare Taker/Maker fees?

A market MAKER is someone who creates an order that appears on the order list. A market MAKER can be a seller and a buyer.  

For example: If the highest buy order for BTC is 8000€ and you would sell 1 BTC for 8100€ you would create liquidity and become a market MAKER. This trade would not happen instantly,

but is completely free.

A person becomes a market TAKER when an order is either reduced or taken out by trading. A seller and a buyer can both be takers (but not at the same time).

For example: There is a sell order of 1 BTC for 8000€. If you were to buy that order, partially or fully, you would become a market TAKER and would have to pay a 0.1% fee in BTC.

A seller can become a Taker as well. If there is a buy order of 8500€ for 1 BTC, a seller who decides to sell for that price will take away that order and become a market TAKER. 

[Updated 2018-11-17]