Our close partnership with Mistertango electronic money institution enables us to cash out your ICO crypto funds to FIAT money (EUR, USD*) easily.

How to?

1. Open your business account at Mistertango (here's how). This account should be registered on the same business You are doing an ICO.

2. Inform us about Your ICO's cashout demand here. We'll ask You to provide some additional documents to prove your source of income.

3. Deposit Your ICO's funds** to our exchange and sell it. In case You will sell more than an equivalent of 100 000 EUR per day, contact us in advance.

4. Your EUR funds are now deposited to Your Mistertango account.

* - cashout to USD will be charged extra.

** - BTC only. ETH, BCC and LTC soon to come, but if You are in need or in a hurry we may process other ALT coins now via special wallet address. Fees apply.

Need more info? Contact us here.