1. "Outgoing payments" - here you can see reserved EUR funds in order to guarantee your BTC purchase order execution. A record here does not mean that you have purchased BTC. To cancel an order use this tutorial.

  2. "Sent payment requests". This is Mistertango's service to "ask someone to pay you" (orange button that says "Send invoice"). This is not an outgoing payment. If you see "Trader Bitmarket.lt" on this list, you have done it wrong. Our exchange will not process anything from this list. Click the "cancel" button and make your real order on our exchange.

  3. "Completed transactions". It literally means it:
    • In case you have bought BTC your EUR funds will be settled accordingly. Your BTC is now on your Bitmarket/BTC-exchange wallet.
    • In case you have sold BTC, respective amount of EUR will be deposited here.